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Full-service mental health care services, from screening to long-term therapy, at zero cost.

Fully Support Your Athlete's Mental Health

Collegiate Behavioral Health Associates (CBHA) was established with two primary objectives: to prioritize and the mental  well-being of student-athletes, and to provide institutions lacking full-service mental health care with an effective solution that fits within their  staff and budget limitations.

In recent years, it has become evident that the mental health of student-athletes is just as vulnerable as any other aspect of their lives. Balancing the pressure of high-performance athletics and academic success, compounded by challenges like the global pandemic and social media scrutiny, has taken a toll on their well-being.

Student-athletes have often faced the stigma surrounding mental health, burdened by societal expectations to be tough and handle everything independently. Seeking help has been wrongly perceived as a sign of weakness. In reality, student-athletes are among the most vulnerable communities on college campuses.

While mental health resources have emerged, they have often remained underutilized, lacking the necessary prioritization that physical wellness receives. CBHA worked with experts to develop a streamlined process that places mental health care at the forefront without compromising other priorities. Here is what our program entails:

Self-report screenings reviewed by a licensed therapist in a 1-on-1 session. Our diverse network allows us to designate the therapist that can best meet the respective student-athlete’s needs.

Screenings conducted every 90 days,  with shorter intervals for urgent cases.

Options for long-term therapy and treatment.

Sessions can be done from the comfort of anywhere with our 100% digital approach.

Flexibility to work alongside existing systems at your college or university, crafting a customized program that suits your  requirements. we are here to collaborate and supplement, not disrupt.

Administration burdens lifted from your institution as we handle all necessary processes on our end.

Most importantly, we firmly believe that every student-athlete deserves access to mental health care. Through our ‘No Athlete Left Behind’ policy, CBHA covers all co-pays, deductibles, and even the costs of uninsured/underinsured student-athletes.

Speak with one of our program advisors today to learn more about how CBHA can be implemented at your college or university.

Our comprehensive mental health care program not only helps your athletes to thrive and saves administrative costs, but also prevents lives from slipping through the cracks of mental illness. Together, we can make a difference.